3D-EROS Presents Amazing and Wonderful Real 3D Stereographs and Stereomovies of Adult Hardcore Porno !
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Back Number of "Miki Fujisaki / Shaved JK-2", "Rei Takanashi / EARLY SUMMER", "Mrs. Ryoko Izawa / Afternoon Wife 2", "Sanae Takahashi / Punishment 3", "Hinata Nekoyanagi / 3D Ero Dance - China Dress 1" for Nintendo 3DS (LL), uploaded in the 3D-EROS Weekly members area!

Back Number of "Miki Fujisaki / Shaved JK-1", "Honami Yoshioka / Daydream", "Yuri Shirai / Private Lesson", "Sanae Takahashi / Shaved Bloomers * Sex", "Mrs. Ryoko Izawa / Afternoon Wife" for Nintendo 3DS (LL), uploaded in the 3D-EROS Weekly members area!

2006, 3D-EROS opened, then... 2010, the times finally catch up with 3D-EROS

These stereo image samples for Cross Eye

3D-EROS.com is the World's First Web Site distributing Real Stereoscopic Photo and Movie of Uncensored Hard Core Pornography!

New Issue of Stereoscopic Uncensored Adult Movie and Photo Album are Uploaded on Every Saturday in "3D-EROS Weekly"!

The Member fee is only US$ 35 for one month!    

3D-EROS.com began the world's first membership 3D stereoscopic porno delivery service "3D-EROS Weekly" by the cheap member fee, for enlightenment and the spread of 3D contents. "Multi-format" which includes "Full HD version for 3D PC", "Half Side by side version for 3D TV" and "720p Half-SBS version for HMD / 3D smartphone" has started to delivery from November 2010. From December 2014, Nintendo 3DS version has been added.
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Our Sister Site "3D-EROS.NET" Started !   You can download all of our back number there !

  Wherever it may see of the Internet, only the same porno video and uncensored photographs are .... Isn't the ordinary erotic picture tired any longer?

The time when uncensored erotic pictures can be freely seen in network in 1995 when the Internet began to spread, it was so exciting. After decade, uncensored pornography became very popular in the world -- it to be seen anywhere as feeling like at convenience store, but the contents of it, only the models replaced and put into degital -- there is nothing of technical progress -- the concept of the same as porno video or porno graphics of 30 years before. The excitement of "Enjoyment of seeing pornography by Technology" is lost and it is tired rapidly.

The 21st century, by bases of over 100 years accumulation of the image-technology, realization of "Home-use High Quality 3D Image-Technology" is started.
Realizing of the 360-degree 3-dimensional scenography of Princess Leia which is projected by R2-D2 in the movie of "Star Wars" needs more as for time, but some head mount display which you can enjoy 3-dimensional scenography easily have been developed by progress of liquid crystal technology, and the price became about 1/10 of the 1990s. And the recent technology which makes 3D monitor from liquid crystal display of notebook PC or 100 inches big screen TV by cheap cost, is also already completed.
The time is coming which an individual can enjoy the high-definition full color 3-dimensional scenography, as seen only at the EXPO, the amusement facility, or the IMAX theater. Full color 3-dimensional scenography is the best for an erotic image expression, as well as for medical, science, fine arts, live music, theater and sport.

However, if searched "3D scenograpy" on the Internet, the scenery photograph which asserted only it is visible to 3D is almost the case.
Most of 3D nudes in the Internet are "anaglyph type" which is old and mere child's play. Full color 3D nude are very few and small size and there is almost no pornography. By the anaglyph system which cannot express a natural color of the skin, textures or the feeling of air, 3D media will be not spread. And the price of old 3D contents is so high.

3D-EROS.COM is the first Web distribution type full color uncensored 3D adult site in the world, which makes the uncensored 3D adult contents as the killer contents for the 3D media spread of the 21st century at "Very Cheap Price" and "High Quality"!
It is the right-and-left stereo pair format which can be seen by all 3D viewing method in the future, also the naked eye crossing method, a parallel method viewer, liquid crystal shutter glasses, the head mount display corresponding to 3D, a naked eye 3D notebook PC, etc.

Please enjoy excitement again in the world of the overly real full color 3-dimensional pornography which 3D-EROS.com sends out!

June 2006, webmaster of 3D-EROS.com

3D-EROS recommends following 3D Viewing Devices !

3D-EROS Strongly Recommends
"LG CINEMA 3D IPS PC Monitors"
for Full-Color and Full-Screen Stereo Viewing!

With lightweight, battery-free glasses, and 3D picture quality that is clearer and brighter, the LG D2342P Cinema 3D monitor brings movie theater 3D effects to your desktop. Experience a new dimension in 3D gaming and enjoy your favorite 2D content converted to 3D right in the comfort of your own home.
It is usually usable as a high-resolution 2D monitor, and useless special wiring and the special graphics board are unnecessary.
There is little fatigue of eyes and you can enjoy various 3D contents and 3D gamings in a full screen, full color.

3D-EROS uses "MITSUBISHI Diamondcrysta WIDE RDT233WX-3D"(same IPS panel as LG CINEMA 3D montor) as a formal monitor and optimizes contents now.

"NVIDIA GeForce 3D VISION 2 with 120Hz LCD Monitor"

Upgrade your PC to a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience with NVIDIAR 3D Vision?. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, 3D Vision automatically transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D. In addition, you can watch 3D movies and 3D digital photographs in eye popping, in crystal-clear quality. Give your eyes something to talk about with 3D Vision.
"NDIVA 3D VISION Video Player" (Crippleware of "Stereoscopic Player") is bundled in NDIVIA 3D VISION 2. You can view Dual Stream Full-HD 3D Movie of 3D-EROS via "NDIVIA 3D VISION Video Player".
Furthermore, NDIVIA will support "MPO", the format of 3D digital camera "FinePix Real 3D W3" and 3D Smart Phone.
However, a PC monitor and a graphic card corresponding to "NDIVIA 3D VISON 2" are necessary.

Glasses Free 3D Smart Phone!
"HTC Evo 3D ISW12HT"

This model comes with a twin camera capable of 3D shooting, as well a large high-definition 4.3-inch 3D display. When shooting a 3D photo or movie, you can also see the 3D image through the finder, which looks like the real thing.
Dual core CP dramatically accelerates the processing speed. In addition to smooth browsing, smooth operation can be achieved even when activating multiple apps, or while playing a movie with HDMI output.
This model offers fast Internet access through the WiMAX network with the max downlink speed of 40Mbps and the max uplink speed of 10Mbps. Wi-Fi tethering enables sharing of Internet access with a PC or game console.
3D-EROS provids H.264/MP4 1280x720p Half SBS movies for Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Smart Phone.

High Grade Glasses Free 3D laptop PC
"TOSHIBA dynabook qosmio T852"
"LG A540-HE70K 3D"

These Glasses Free 3D laptop PCs use the naked eye 3D monitor technology of Taiwanese "AUO".
Because they carry Ge-Force of NDIVIA, these laptop PCs can download "NDIVIA 3D VISION Video Player" free.
Similarly, you can use "Stereo Photo Maker" and "Stereo Movie Maker" and "Stereo Slide Show" of the free software. You can view 3D contents such as many 3D movies by Hollywood and 3D-EROS on the 1920x1080p Full-HD 3D display without 3D glasses. 3D movie and the 3D photograph to watch with your eyes directly are very beautiful.
Of course you can perform the editing of 3D Photograph and 3D Movie by the naked eye 3D, too.

The 3D TV which became very cheap is high in utility value !

We can buy 32 inches of Full-HD 3D TV for around US 300 dollars in Japan.
I think that it is similar in U.S.A. and the Europe. Most 3D TV can be used as a PC monitor. By both Active Shatter glasses and the Polarization glasses method, you can enjoy various 3D contents with a current 3D TV enough. 3D EROS provides 3D movies and 3D Photos by "Half Side by Side" format for 3D TV from "3D-EROS Weeky" too.

High-resolution "Glasses Free" 3D TV and PC monitor by Dolby 3D are expected !

In 2012, Dolby and Philips announced the new Dolby 3D method jointly. "Dolby 3D brings you the best possible entertainment experience - no matter where you are. Theatres with Dolby 3D offer a superior moviegoing experience. Away from the theatre, Dolby 3D delivers the best glasses-free 3D on all your own screens, from flat-panel HDTVs to tablets and smartphones." I have confirmed Dolby 3D at "FPD International 2012" held in Yokohama. It is very beautiful and a great many people can watch it by glasses free at the same time.

More detailed information of 3D Viewings >>>>> "How to View"

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